Info Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s assassination may be linked to “religious group”:

Info Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s assassination may be linked to “religious group” – Previous Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated during a speech on Friday with a weapon that gave off an impression of being natively constructed. The suspect said he intended to focus on a senior authority of a religious gathering who was not present at the event, as per the Mainichi, a significant Japanese newspaper.

Abe, 67, was lobbying for another politician in Nara, a city close to Osaka, when a shooter shot him from behind with a shotgun-style weapon that seemed, by all accounts, to be hand crafted, as per Japanese news outlet NHK. Abe was taken to the hospital and later articulated dead.

Abe kicked the bucket from excessive draining and the slug went “Sufficiently profound to arrive at his heart,” doctors at Nara Medical University said during a press gathering.

Police arrested Tetsuya Yamagami, 41, on the scene. Video showed authorities wrestle him to the ground after the shooting.

The suspect admitted that he shot Abe but told police he “intended to focus on” a senior authority of a specific religious gathering, as per The Mainichi, which didn’t specify the gathering. The authority was not on the scene at that point.

“At the same time, the suspect has offered nonsensical expressions, and Nara Prefectural Police are cautiously investigating whether he is intellectually capable to be held criminally responsible,” the power source revealed.

Yamagami was an individual from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force for a very long time, a defense official told reporters.

Abe, a Japanese nationalist, was the nation’s longest-serving top state leader whose popularity rose after he resigned in 2020 because of health problems. He has stayed a noticeable political pioneer and much of the time lobbied for other members of his party.

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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida called the assault a “despicable and uncouth demonstration.”

“To lose such a figure thusly is absolutely devastating,” Kishida said during a close to home press gathering after the assault, promising to proceed upper house elections on Sunday with reinforced security.

“Elections are the underpinning of a majority rule government, which we must defend,” he said. “We can’t surrender to brutality. Thus, we will keep on battling the political race until the end. I trust individuals of Japan will ponder and make a solid effort to safeguard this majority rule government.”

Japan has a history of political attacks. Previous Nagasaki Mayor Ito Itcho was assassinated by a shooter in 2007. Previous Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa was shot in 1994 but survived.

Guns are severely restricted in Japan and firearm viciousness is unbelievably uncommon. There were just 10 shootings in Japan last year, eight of which were connected with the yakuza, the Japanese lawbreaker organization, as per the National Police Agency. Just a single person kicked the bucket from weapon brutality in the nation last year.

The assassin’s weapon didn’t give off an impression of being a standard gun.

“The container like gadget is enveloped by black tape and smoke should be visible coming from the gag. It’s positively no standard shotgun,” a previous police investigator told The Daily Beast subsequent to evaluating photos of the weapon.

The shooting could change the nation “always,” Nancy Snow, Japan head of the International Security Industrial Council, told CNN.

“It’s uncommon, but it’s actually socially unbelievable,” Snow said. “The Japanese public can’t envision having a firearm culture like we have in the United States. This is a speechless second. I truly feel at a loss for words. I appeal to God for the best for the previous top state leader. How this will treat the public psyche of an about group uninhibitedly and have a social agreement with one another, that they won’t resort to this kind of savagery … I am devastated pondering that.”

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Abe was a vocal critic of China and sought to fabricate close relations with the United States and previous President Donald Trump. He stepped down before President Joe Biden got to work.

“We are shocked and saddened to hear about the fierce assault against previous Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,” The White House said in a statement. “We are closely monitoring the reports and keeping our thoughts with his family and individuals of Japan.”

“We are undeniably saddened and shocked by the shooting of previous Prime Minister Abe Shinzo,” repeated Rahm Emanuel, the U.S. ambassador to Japan. “Abe-san has been an outstanding head of Japan and steadfast partner of the U.S.”

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