Link Video Lauie Tagaloa Staabbed in the Neck Viral Latest

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A young man, Lauei Tagaloa, was brutally stabbed in the neck by another youth on Monday during a brawl at Brisbane’s Metro Valley Complex.After being stabbed, Raui alias LT died instantly, covered in blood and dying. A gruesome video of the stab wound was released on Twitter on Tuesday as police investigated and arrested the suspect.

A 24-year-old LT from Brisbane was stabbed in the neck during a verbal altercation between the two at the Lule Dareh compound.

According to the uploaded video, a verbal altercation broke out between the two when a man suddenly pulled a knife from behind and swung it at young Tagaloa.

When Levi started to bleed, he was already bleeding and immediately fell to the ground, dying in a pool of blood.

Video stabbed in the neck; Arrest, Suspect

According to police, witnesses tried to provide first aid to the victim, but his injuries were almost life-threatening and the Brisbane resident died instantly. A video of Lavi Tagaloa being stabbed and passed out has gone viral, especially on Twitter.

In the comments, another accused the man behind the camera of not caring and said he should have stepped in to save dying people instead of recording what happened.

Some people watch horror movies and get scared. we hope they haven’t seen it before. The grief and desire of young people for a legal trial that the killer must take seriously can be heard on Twitter.

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On the other hand, some criticized LT for referring to criminals. When people share gruesome videos of knife stabs and bloodshed, there are questions about what soulless social media is for graphic content.

However, police said the footage was useful in investigations. Police have arrested a young man named Seram Kwame Jintoh as a suspect in the murder of Lawy Tagaloa, using surveillance and video footage captured during the incident.

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