(Leaked) Video footage of Lori Harvey Wendy Williams Explored Viral on Twitter Update

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Lori Harvey Wendy Williams’ Viral Video Leaked on Twitter

Recently, a post shared by the loser himself suddenly appeared on social media, exploded and went viral. Was this person consulted online about Lori Harvey?

Wendy Williams examines viral video footage that leaked to Twitter On August 17, 2022, Twitter was caught up in memes and rumors about Lori Harvey footage, with many talking about what Lori Harvey footage might look like.

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However, no one had ever come across such a band, and everyone hugged them and took good care of them. Many people have wondered about the links to Laurie Harvey’s tapes and the bad jokes about the alleged Laurie Harvey tapes.

But how did it start? One of the well-known shoppers on Twitter, ‘Gotcitytea’ recognized by his Twitter stash ‘Gossipofthecitytea’, shared a screenshot of his Instagram inbox and said that someone bought Lori Harvey tapes and someone claimed to have Wendy Williams and Rihanna tapes of the same size . Of course he said.

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Lori Harvey s*x tape leaked online, but rumors on Twitter

Got City Tea posted on Twitter, “Someone was looking for Lori Harvey’s intimate footage. I only noticed Lori because I saw it myself. But I didn’t see Selection 2. Stay tuned for updates.” Therefore, I need to post it. ”

Gotcitytea has also linked screenshots of the exchange between him and a certain anonymous person.

Even though it’s just a rumor that a Lori Harvey movie like that actually exists, followers have responded to the conversation with memes and hurling insults at each other.

In response to the rumours, one Twitter user said: “Lori Harvey’s record is about to explode.”

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Lori Harvey’s tape went crazy

“Maybe stop messing with whoever bought that Lori Harvey tape?” wrote a completely different buyer. One person specifically wrote, “Lori Harvey reports that she takes niggers out of her crib all day and I’m getting niggers.”

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See more reactions to the alleged Lori Harvey footage below. However, it didn’t matter to determine whether such a record existed or not, people played with the circumstances with funny jokes.

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