[Complete] Video Leaked Viral Suicide @raven.k.jackson & 600 Breezy Girlfriend Cause of Death Suicide Trending on Twitter

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[Complete] Video Leaked Viral Suicide @raven.k.jackson & 600 Breezy Girlfriend Cause of Death Suicide

Rapper 600 Bridge appears to be grieving and mourning the sudden death of his girlfriend. 600 Breezy posted a tribute to his girlfriend of two years, Raven Jackson, on social media, including a photo of them together and what appears to be a suicide note and screenshots.

Perza’s friend told him in a text message that he was tired of thinking bad things over the years and was waiting for the right time to do so. He says he lives on deck and says he has been running away for a long time. ”

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Raven later told Breezy it was her choice and what she wanted, adding, “It’s the only thing that ruins your life but I stopped shooting.”

600 Breezy admitted her boyfriend was in pain and said he “did all I can’t show but love him and keep him alive”.

Breezy said his death would ban him for life and he would never be able to love again, and urged people to take people seriously if they showed symptoms of mental health problems and depression.

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