(Watch) Video Complete Tai Emery Shows Breasts After Win First Round KO Viral on Social Media

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[Leaked] Video of Tai Emery Showing Boobs After Winning First Round KO

MMA fighter Ty Emery celebrates after winning his first Bare Finger Boxing Championship (BKFC) bout in Thailand.

It could even be said that the ceremony was unique and created drama. The Australian fighter showed his chest in public when he defeated Ron Arun Conchey in the first round.

He hit the 35-year-old family fighter with a right hook. She then went into the hole and celebrated her victory by raising her head to show her breasts to the crowd.

The diehard commentators were surprised by Emery’s choice. “Sweet vacation there, I’ve never seen it!” The commentator said.

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BKFC posted a screenshot of Emery’s celebration on their Instagram account. However, the download was quickly removed.

Emery is a former American football player with his own unique channel. Subscribers can pay to watch nudes of MMA stars. Apart from only having one account, Emery has 52,000 followers on Instagram.

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