Full Leaked Video Haverhill High School Football Hazing Video (Update)

Full Leaked Video Haverhill High School Football Hazing Video (Update)pendidikanku.orgFull Leaked Video Haverhill High School Football Hazing Video (Update). Haverhill High School’s football season ended abruptly as police and school officials investigated allegations of bullying.

Haverhill Public Schools announced in a statement that it will cancel all future practices and games, including Thanksgiving. Haverhill police have confirmed they are investigating a video showing three teens at Boston 25, one wearing a Haverhill football uniform, dragging another to the ground and stripping.

A fourth man, wearing only shorts, stands over the victim’s head and jumps on the victim’s face for 10 seconds, while the others scream and cheer. Technicians were also placed on administrative leave for the duration of the investigation.

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Haverhill HS cancels rest of football season amid investigation into alleged hazing video

“Harbour Hill Public Schools will not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment or retaliation,” he said. In a statement to Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini described the incident as “disgusting” and called on the players involved to be permanently excluded from the squad.

“The boys involved in this disgusting incident should be immediately and permanently removed from the team,” Fiorentini said. Parents need to know that their children are safe when sent to high school sports.

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Massachusetts law defines bullying as “any act or initiative that intentionally or recklessly endangers the physical or mental health of a student or another person on the public or private property of a student organization.”

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Harbor Hill Public Schools also said they could not release more detailed information about the investigation.

Violators are subject to fines of up to $3,000 or one year in prison. According to Haverhill High’s athletics website, the team’s next game is scheduled for Thanksgiving at home against Lowell.

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