Update Gladys Ricart case video viral on Reddit and Twitter, the bloody bride

Update Gladys Ricart case video viral on Reddit and Twitter, the bloody bridependidikanku.org – Gladys Ricart, a 39-year-old mother of two, resides in New Jersey. He fled the Dominican Republic when he was a young boy and arrived in the United States. He worked as a tax collector for a travel agency and led a comfortable life.

, since it is a……………….. . Garcia is a successful New York businessman who acquired US citizenship. Additionally, he is Dominican. Both of them are in a committed relationship, which has undergone many changes. Gladys was a stunning lady with a formidable character. Agustin is also reserved because of his unattractive physical appearance.

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Because of Agustn’s unhealthful jealousy, cheating, and physical and verbal abuse of her, Gladys makes the decision to leave him and departs. But he would never abandon her.

even after she met James Preston Jr. who ultimately helped her fall in love and find her future husband. Agustn will follow him and bother him, so be prepared. Even when he discusses it at work or at home with his future spouse. Gladys never once or twice revealed her fear to her family and friends.

In fact, a few days prior to the wedding, onlookers were captured in a group photo in a store. You can see a shocked Gladys being forced to stay there in these pictures. Agustn and Gladys were seen dancing the day before the wedding on surveillance cameras. But he made the choice to embark on a new life.

On September 26, 1999, it arrived. Agustin was present when Gladys and James got married. Many wedding guests observed him leaving for the bride’s home but chose not to inform him out of respect for the wedding festivities. Gladys, her friends, and family were photographed when Agustn entered the home.

Since he was a well-educated businessman, people assumed that he would attend the wedding to express his gratitude to the bride, but instead he dressed nicely for the occasion, giving the impression that he had accepted his fate. Gladys was shot while wearing a white wedding gown by Agustin, who pulled out a Smith and Wesson revolver in front of the camera.

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When Juan Ricarte, the attacker’s brother, jumps, grabs a gun, and arrests the bride, the bride can be heard screaming. The final straw. The death weapon is visible in the bottom left corner. Gladys tries to slither into the middle.

But it is already over. Gladys died as a result of taking three shots. The police arrived a short while later, and they arrested him. Gladys’ untimely death shocked the entire country and demonstrated how many immature, jealous men will do anything to prevent a woman from leaving them.

In Bergen County Superior Court, Augustine was found guilty of first-degree murder and given a life sentence. In Washington Heights this morning, hundreds of people marched in memory of Gladys Ricart, a 39-year-old Dominican who was murdered on her wedding day in 1999 by her ex-boyfriend.

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