(Leaked) Link Video Incident Medical Student Faisalabad Girl Tortured Viral Video MMS on Twitter Latest

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Link Video Faisalabad Girl Tortured Viral On Twitter

A video of a girl from Faisalabad went viral on Twitter after a man forced one of the women to lick her shoes for refusing an engagement proposal.

To bring his image to life, a man and his team, clinical agent Khadija Mahmood, took over his home in Faisalabad. They took disciplinary action in good faith to refuse the offer of torture.

On Tuesday, the Danes convicted the Sheikh and his partner of assaulting and filming young victim Khadijah. According to reports, the young woman, along with her daughters Anna Schyk and Watchman, were forcibly evicted by a Danish judge.

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The men blamed the young woman on her university town, Faisalabad forbidding her from licking her shoes and making a video of the fact that she was an embarrassing incident. In addition, they tortured him, cut his hair and shaved his eyebrows.

The video of the torture that took place on August 9 emerged on Wednesday morning and has become a web sensation through virtual entertainment. The victim admitted that when she was not married to her partner’s father, she was embarrassed, tortured and recorded.

He said that his partner had also asked him to admit his proposal. CCPO Faisalabad Umar Saeed Malik saw the incident and reported the case against the perpetrators at the National Police Headquarters.

Nearby police have arrested six Danish suspects in connection with the case, including Maham, Khan Muhammad, Shoaib, Faizan and Ashgal.

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Link Video Faisalabad Girl Tortured

Recently, the appearance of the video via web-based entertainment media has drawn various criticisms, many of which have been directed at the relatives and families of the suspect.

Faisalabad Viral Video

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