(Watch) Viral Video of Students Bullying With Special Needs Boy In Arvin High School Went Viral On Twitter Latest

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A video shot at Irvine High School shows a student bullying another student’s hair.

Relatives told 17 News that video students have special needs. In the video, one student is seen cutting his hair while drying his eyes while others draw circles, record and laugh. 17 News does not show the video because the student is a minor and her mother asked us not to. The video contains profanity.

He hears the students laugh when a student tells him not to cry in Spanish. Arvin Councilman Daniel Beverly said he was “outraged” by the video shot at the high school.

Beverly said she wanted to hold the school accountable. A Khan High School District spokesperson told Telemundo Valle Central that management at Irvine High School was aware of the video and that the behavior shown was “clearly unacceptable.”

Viral Leaked Arvin High School Bullying Video

A spokesperson for Khan County High School sent the following statement to Telemundo Valle Central:

Leaders at Irvine High School understand that videos are being shared on social media. The behavior described in the video is clearly unacceptable and we do not tolerate harassment of any kind. When students exceed the boundaries of acceptable behavior, they will be held accountable for their actions and the school will support all students involved.

This incident will be carefully investigated and appropriate legal action will be taken. The student’s mother and concerned parents told the press Thursday afternoon at San Diego Park in Lamont. Late Thursday, the City of Arvin announced that the City and Arvin Police Department had contacted the school and county government about the incident.

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City officials said they are monitoring the incident and have provided support and resources for a “rapid resolution” of the issue. According to reports, the march will take place outside Arwin Heights at 10 a.m. on Friday. Subject to change.

This student’s family and community members expressed their anger. The student’s mother, Avelina Santiago, told Telemundo Valle Central’s Karen Marroquin that she wants the people involved and the people in the video to be held accountable.

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